Where's your tennis at?

Not sure? Don't know where to start?

We can help! At Warradale Park Tennis Club, we are passionate about our members getting full enjoyment from their game. We usually achieve this aim when players are competing at the correct level. Whether you're interested in competitive tennis or even if it's just a social hit that you're after, there's always going to be someone out there of a similar standard so you can enjoy a game with them.

We maintain a strong focus on the development of juniors, in order to provide them with the skills set that will enable them to enjoy the game of tennis for years to come. We don't believe in making competitive tennis too easy for our juniors, they need a challenge in order to improve. Equally, we don't like to see our juniors performing at the other end of the spectrum. We very carefully try to match their skills and their performance record in competition tennis in order to place them in the correct Division.

Check out our tennis barometer, where do you think you fit? If you're not sure, our Head Coach can assist by giving you an initial appraisal of your tennis skills and making expert suggestions re the pathway to developing your game. We offer coaching programs that are designed to match each phase in a tennis player's development. We can also tailor coaching to suit special needs.

Discover Phase

If you're a tennis novice, then our Introduction to Tennis is the ideal starting point for you. The emphasis here is on participation and having fun, while developing basic tennis skills. This course offers starters a great opportunity to explore the world of tennis and to determine if they would like to take the next steps towards becoming competent tennis players.

At this introductory level, we especially cater for the development of children from the age of 5 upwards in our Mini Tennis Program. Small groups are recommended for coaching young children, and depending on their ages, either 30 minute or 45 minute sessions are ideal. We combine innovative coaching techniques with the use of modified equipment so that very young children are able to develop appropriate skills that will enable them to enjoy playing tennis.

We also offer adult group lessons at this level, because you're never too old to learn this great game! If you've never played before, enrol in this course and we'll have you ready for the court before you can say Dolgopolov!

Develop Phase

This is the core phase for the development of budding tennis players. It is relevant for those who have demonstrated their enjoyment of the game and are interested in improving their tennis skills. We would expect that the greater majority of juniors at this level would have joined competition tennis in order to foster their development. Competition assists in enhancing the interest of players and their desire to improve, as well as helping to build concentration skills and the confidence of young players. Participation as part of a team in weekly competitions can also be conductive to building social networks with other players. This development phase is also applicable to adults with intermediate skill levels, and is ideal for people who have played tennis on and off without any formal training.

In our Building the Basics Program, there are a number of progressive coaching stages aimed at developing inexperienced players. These stages are earmarked by the progressive use of a range of low compression balls which alter the speed and bounce in order to facilitate effective swing making. Players are incrementally coached in the suite of service, ground strokes and volleying so they can be confident of competing well in their Saturday morning matches. Depending on how fast you are seeking to improve, both group and private coaching is offered at this level. One-on-one coaching is a more intensive experience for the player and will normally accelerate their rate of development. Factors such as natural tennis ability, athleticism and mental aptitude will also be factors in determining a player's progression. Each player will have different strengths and weaknesses across these areas and private coaching provides the opportunity to tailor programs to suit individual needs, allowing the coach the necessary time to concentrate on reinforcing particular elements that are relevant to the individual.

Deliver Phase

At this stage of a player's development, we would expect that participants have demonstrated a keen interest in tennis and have increased their number of court hours, with additional practice sessions, regular competition and involvement in various tournaments becoming the norm. At this level, it is likely that the player has chosen tennis as their primary sport and that they are keen to continue their progression and deliver the outcomes from their coaching and hard work on the court. The intensity of progressions and the focus on tennis elements that are additional to shot making become a feature in the Deliver phase. Although technical skills are further refined to incorporate advanced techniques such as topspin and sliced serve, the Intermediate to Advanced Program also focuses on tactical awareness during match play and encourages an increase in a player’s fitness base. These additional activities will vary depending on age and will progress the player from improving balance, coordination and agility towards building speed, strength, power and endurance.

Dominate Phase

Our High Performance Program is specifically designed for advanced players who aspire to the elite level, either juniors competing in Premier Division or seniors playing Division 1 or Pennant Competition. These sessions are normally offered by invitation to players with outstanding potential and with the demonstrated commitment to become top level tennis players. Technical coaching will be specific to individual needs, but there is a heavy emphasis on the aspects of speed, strength, power and endurance and hence off-site fitness sessions are incorporated to develop these fitness elements. Players are prepared for competitions such as major tournaments and, by negotiation with the Head Coach, mentoring at these tournaments can also be arranged.